We just finished the first quarter of production in our Northstar Builders Kitchen and the feedback couldn’t be better! When we took on this very large project, we believed that introducing whole grains and fresh fruit and vegetables was critical in fighting obesity and malnutrition amongst low-income children. We’re so pleased that the children love the food as much as we hoped they would. Amongst their favorites are salmon linguini and pumpkin soup!

Once again, we’d like to thank our donors who made this dream a reality: American Express, Chevron, Goldman Sachs, GE Capital Financial, Morgan Stanley N.A., Northstar Builders, Tony Caputo’s, UBS Bank, and Whole Foods. We would also like to thank Morgan Stanley, N.A. for their recent donation which will expand the capacity of the Northstar Builders Kitchen in order to begin a job training program for Head Start parents this year.

We are so grateful to have partners like these that believe in the mission of Head Start and want to unite with us in empowering and educating children

and families in our community.


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